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Tribes Battlefield Battle in the Arena
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Tribes Battlefield Battle in the Arena is a Free Android , Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game where winning battles takes strategy .

Have fun with a very unique game play, different from the others. Recruit the best warriors from each tribe and fight against other users in real time with the goal of conquering each piece of land .

BATTLES IN REAL TIME - Winning in combat takes courage, but winning battles takes strategy. This is the spirit of Tribes Battlefield, a game where you have to choose the best places to launch your cards without being taken down .

COLLECT DIFFERENT CHARACTERS - Enter the tavern and recruit as many warriors as you can. Also, for each collection you're able to complete, of the 5 available tribes, you'll receive a special card. Collecting every card comes with a well-deserved reward !

RISE TO HIGHER LEVELS - The more you play with specific players, the more experience they'll receive and the sooner you'll be able to upgrade their level, making them even stronger .

ARENAS - If you think the battles are difficult, the arenas are very dangerous. Choose from the available cards and challenge your opponents in balanced conditions. Get ready for a ferocious battle because nothing is free in the Arena !

What's more, you can play against friends, earn achievements, complete different objectives and chat. It's a very complete game that you need to download now !

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