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Knights of the Sky Online
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Knights of the Sky Online is a 2D Browser Based, Role Playing MMO flash Game featuring flying towns and heroes into floating boat.

The free to play, flash game Knights of the Sky: Online require no downloads or installations to get started, just register for an account, open your favorite browser, and enter a new, fantasy world, simple as 1 2 3.

Game Story is the classic one, I would say that almost became a tradition in MMO gaming world, two powerful nations, the Empire and the Federation, are constantly embroiled in conflict. Is obvious that you can choose only between these two empires.

Knights of the Sky Online tries to go out of the dull patterns and diversify itself from the normal ones, namely by: Instead of having the random plot of land in the middle of the continent, your town (kingdom) is actually a floating island that you can move freely. A great idea especially if you are attacked you can simply run away with everything, and when I say everything I included all the buildings, fields of resource, armies and so on. Another nice feature on this empire building themed

game is the tech trees, besides which it exists and is quite developed he is also useful for the player. The building tree show you the requirements for each building type you want to build and the ones you have already build.

The actual combat of the game is turned based, it exists a manual option here for fighting but there is an automatic option to, and if somehow a battle takes too long you have the ability to directly skip to the final outcome of the battle.

Overall Knights of the Sky Online it does well in the presentation of the game, he does not have advanced graphics but compensates by his originality side.



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