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Skylanders Ring of Heroes
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Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a Free Android , Role Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring more than 60 Skylanders .

The ALL-NEW Skylanders mobile RPG is finally here ! Join Spyro, Stealth Elf, and many more of your favorite Skylanders in this epic adventure of Skylanders Ring of Heroes !

Build the ultimate Skylanders team !

- Collect from more than 60+ Skylanders!

- Level up, evolve, and awaken your Skylanders to make them stronger than ever before!

- Equip your Skylanders with up to 10 magical Rune abilities.

- Summon Skylanders and Villains alike to fight by your side!

Become the #1 champion !

- Mix and match Skylanders with unique skills and abilities to create the ultimate team!

- Time your attacks and use mana wisely to overcome your enemies!

- Knock down your enemies defenseless, use the elements to your advantage, trigger the status effects!

- Intuitive game play for on-the-go mobile play: just tap on skills and your Skylanders are ready to fight!

- Test your strength against Portal Masters from all over the world!

Watch the Skylands come to life !

- Experience the rich and colorful world of Skylanders!

- Reimagine the Skylands and give it your personal touch!

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