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Dice of Heroes is a Free Android , TBS Strategy , Mobile Multiplayer Game .

Buy land and build landmarks before your opponent. Build my own building in a famous city and Let's get rich ! Real-time PvP Strategy Board Game

- You can match with users around the world in real time.

- The Arena system quickly matches opponents in the world.

- Roll two dice and travel around the world to buy more land, build more buildings, and accumulate assets.

- Grow up with your character, your ooparts equipment, and use hero skills to control your opponent.

Strategy and control are key points !!

- For the first time in a board game, A system has been introduced in which I can control dice eyes as I wish.

- Change the speed of the dice rollers depending on the level, adding to the tension.

- Take up as much land as possible and build expensive buildings to increase toll revenues.

- Increase the toll as much as possible and destroy the other party.

- Monopolize tour site, you can increase city tolls by up to eight times on the same line.

- If you have a city of the same color, you can win immediately with a color monopoly.

Build landmarks faster than the opponent!

- When you arrive at a famous city in the world, you can purchase land and build a villa, building, hotel and landmark in order.

- You can take over the opponent's cities and buildings, but if the opponent build a landmark, you can not take over.

- Build landmarks faster than your opponents and Have a strategic advantage.

Massive game content

- Historical heroes can use powerful skills when needed.

- Napoleon, Elizabeth I, Einstein, Lincoln and Columbus. Ten or more heroes can be enhanced to five levels.

- Start point and Ruins are filled with events such as World War II, Industrial Revolution, Renaissance, Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, and the Curse of the Pharaoh.

- 14 different types of characters, 150 different types of ooprats, Up to four stages can be enhanced or synthesized.

- 12 types of dice can be enhanced to 10 levels, improving their ability.

Six game modes in total.

- In PvP Mode, you can compete with global users in real time.

- Challenge mode to compete against opponents at a limited time for equal conditions regardless of level

- Story Mode to Compete with NPC based on the hero's true history story

- A friendly game that I enjoy lightly or seriously with my friends in the game.

- 3 different modes of exploration (time exploration, space travel, historical exploration) leaving to obtain various items

- An exhibition where you can evaluate your skills by competing against user data based AI (AI mode)

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