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Happy Racing
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Happy Racing is a Free Android , Arcade Action , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring more than 30 hilarious characters facing sick tracks and deadly obstacles .

Happy Racing is all about insane characters driving all kinds of vehicles and trying to reach the finish line by all means. Pick your crazy driver, choose a level, hit the gas and drive ahead !

Expect a SUPER GORY crash of cars and loads of extraordinary vehicles ! TONS of levels that will be updated every month! Guts and glory, and SHEER MADNESS that you have never seen before !

Prepare for the endless fun :

- rag doll physics

- 30+ hilarious characters facing sick tracks and deadly obstacles!

- dozens of vehicles - you get to sit behind the wheel of a car, bike, motorcycle, tractor, scooter, and even spaceship!

- 18 level packs

- 140+ challenging levels

- single player mode - try to reach the top of the highest hill, complete races, unlock new characters and levels

- 2 multiplayer modes - climb global and local charts!

- cool graphics

- convenient button control

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