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Tribes Ascend
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Tribes Ascend is a 3D, sci-fi First Person MMO shooter Game that take place in a futuristic setting.

Tribes Ascend have no story, nothing not even a word what so ever, not that the game needs one, all you need to know is to jump like a mental retard maniac, to ski fast and and from time to time to fire randomly with some totally unrealistic weapons, oh yeah ... and you must defeat the other team just like in any other multiplayer game. Sounds like fun? it sounds more like the night of minds.

In Tribes Ascend each player is equipped with a jetpack that can be used in short bursts before it is expended and needs a short time to recharge, to travel on the map, players propels themselves into the air and then fall back down to earth using the charge that has accumulated since the height of their jump to cushion their landing, allowing the players to leap and bound across the arenas. Some vehicles are also available to purchase using the points you’ve accumulated during the round for kills and flag captures.

Game mechanics and gameplay of Tribes Ascend are ridiculously simplistic what save the game is more than decent graphics, especially since the game does not have high hardware needs to run at maximum details.

Overall Tribes Ascend would not be so mediocre if the game manufacturers would implement a more realistic gameplay mechanics, but on the other hand I know that there are many players that just this lack of the realism attracts them, so is highly recommended for these kind of players.

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