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Flick Arena
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Flick Arena is a Free Android , Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a quickfire strategic duels .

Flick Arena is a real-time , 1v1 multiplayer game where you engage players from across the world in quickfire strategic duels. To create the ultimate strategies, collect powerful new characters and upgrade your existing deck. Build your favourite decks and rotate your loadout to master the multiple arenas, with elements such as fiery pits and gaping chasms impacting your battle strategy.

Whether you defeat your opponents by brute force, clever strategies or good old fashioned trickery, rack up victories, earn Trophies and aspire to reach the Diamond League !

Game Features :

- Battle against players in physics-based battles!

- Real-time duels against players worldwide

- Collect powerful new characters and upgrade existing ones

- Multiple arenas with regular rotation for endless challenges

- Complete the daily quests to earn epic rewards

- Create the ultimate battle formations to defeat your opponents

- Move up the rankings and reach the Diamond League

- Form a guild with friends and train with them in friendly duels

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