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Garfield Dice Rush
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Garfield Dice Rush is a Free Android , Dice Board , Mobile Multiplayer Game where you can play as Garfield or his Friends .

Garfield Dice Rush is one of the most popular Classic Dice Board Game, a simple game race contest based on sheer luck. This is the most addictive game that have been played by all people around the world.

Play together with Garfield and his friend Odie, Arlene, Jon. The game is simple and easy to play. Garfield need to race with his friend in the board game. The first one that reach the Last Tile will be the Winner. But be aware with the trap that has been set by Garfield's friend and can make you lost the match.

- Play As Garfield or His Friends - Each character have their own unique stats! You can choose to play as Garfield or even use his friend like Jon, Arlene, Odie, Nermal, Dr. Liz, and others !

- Real Time Online Matching - Call your friend and play together in the game. Compete with your friends and make the game very competitive !

- Discover New Cards - Various cards that available to collect. Use the cards that you have as trap in the game .

- Card Fusion - Fused your cards to get more stronger cards and stun your opponents !

- Lunchbox - Find lunchbox for Garfield and get various item randomly insinde the box !

- Emoticon - Use special Garfield cute emoticon to tease your opponents !

- Leaderboard - Climb Leaderboard and become the strongest in the game !

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