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Idle Soldier Zombie Shooter PvP Clicker
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Idle Soldier is a Free Android , Role-Playing RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game .

No control is required. Design your shooting! Collect and raise the rifles, character, commanders, combat equipment! Foster the strongest team with simple operation! Strategically use and grow a variety of weapons and battle equipment! Idle Soldier is Clicker game that will continue even if you play for a while .

1. Idle Soldier

- No Control & Clicker Shooting RPG , No control required. It is a shooting RPG that shoots automatically . Even if you turn off your smartphone, it will proceed.

- 'Return' - Repeated growth through reincarnation

- Various RPG growth factors. Users can collect and grow a variety of rifles, characters, commanders and combat equipment.

- Various Exploration and battle , Users can raise skills with returning base, explore dungeons to gain combat parts, and level up through combat with enemy and zombies - Daily, weekly, and assigned missions

- PVP with all around the world , Users can do real-time PVP with users all around the world.

- Combat with other user mercenaries (asynchronous PVP)

- Ranking upgrade through PVP points (PVP points and other user's resources at the time of winning)

- Military features , Real military elements such as battle drones!

2. Version Helight

- 30 riflles, 8 characters, 5 commanders, 32 combat eqipments

- Various Shooting modes - PVP, Stage Battle

- Dungeon Challenges s - Day of the Dungeon , explore dungeons every day

- Ranking systems, shop and inventory system, Clan System

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