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Einherjar The Vikings Blood
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Einherjar The Vikins Blood is a free to play, 2D, Browser Based, Strategy Role-Playing MMO Game.

In Einherjar The Vikings Blood you start the game by choosing appearance, class and so on, of the main character like it happens in all games. So far, here everything is boring and dull but what differs is the next step, namely instead of just straight up build the buildings in your empire on a limited number of plots, like most of these styles of games, you need to assign characters to do the building, expanding, and gathering for materials. I do not know how many of you will be delighted by the perspective of every day sending the characters to gather resources. I was feel like a peasant who gather resources and not as a warrior Viking and I do not think there can be just a question of taste here, no one in any game wants to be a simple peasant.

They offer you something else to do. While your three characters are busy gathering resources you can with your other characters, go on an expedition.

Now, you sud not imagine that the graphics or the story of this game gonna recover the bad first impression you make, it's just another example of how a game should not look in our modern times.

The combat is easy to master and the battle is done on a grid system, players take turns (at first the player move follows by the AI moves and so on) planning out their movements and trying to outdo the AI.

Overall Einherjar The Vikings Blood has produced me contradictory feelings I can't say that I like it but I can not say that I hate it either and regret the lost time testing it, the best part of the game is the actual battles which are fairly fun.

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