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Gladiator Fight 3D Battle Contest
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Gladiator Fight is a Free Android , Action Mobile Multiplayer Fighting Game where you are the master, the one who can train the clone into the greatest gladiator .

3D Battle Arena, Gladiator Fight is a fighting game that anyone can enjoy . Strong attacks and combos generate more damage.

Gladiators have diverse abilities and Special Attacks.

Game System - Global Ranking - Global Matching - Rival - Skill Upgrade - Many gladiators

Gamne main Features :

- Spectacular HD graphic

- You can enjoy the feeling of achievement from the battle in 3d graphic of low-spec high quality

- Never-ending growth

- You can develop your own skills and aim for the best gladiator, build up different heroes

- Easy but deep control

- You can bring the continuous combo with the easy control in mobile and enjoy the hit with depth.

in the challenge battle, the endless battles against the users from all over the world are waiting for you

various modes :

- arena mode - single match where you can win the resources and skills from the battle with many heroes

- ranking mode- you can be the best gladiator by winning th epoint from the battle with the players from all over the world

- tornament - there is an admission fee, but you can get a great award from 10 victories.

- training - you can practice the features and skills of heroes

Synopsis - "Who's the strongest in the world?" The Challenge Project attracted the best research staff in genetic engineering, with enormous investments seeding the project. All in order to restore the genes of heroes, and create strong clones made from those genes. A clone has already been made, but it wasn't easy to control, nor was it easy to instill its will, methods, and growth.

The project's foundation began to look for masters who could educate these clones to become fighters. Those who applied as masters were given exceptional treatment.

Creating just a single clone came with tremendous costs. But money wasn't the issue. They just needed interest and motivation. They decided to provide the masters with Klaus, the earliest clone model that was nearest completion.

You are the Master. The one who can train the clone into the greatest gladiator. It all depends on you; prove your abilities.

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