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Flint Adventure
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Flint Adventure is a Free Android , Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Card Game set in pre-historic flint theme .

Flint Adventure is a great idle mobile game with global servers . The game is set in pre-historic flint theme, which uses fantasy style and has varied heroes and strategies. Using off-line on-hook, players can get more benefits in a more time-saving way. Meanwhile, you can also experience a series of exciting contents such as trial secret, arena, leagues, etc. In Flint Adventure, you will lead tribal heroes in exploring a different adventure with millions of players. Now, please start your adventure.

In Flint Adventure, only the most courageous warriors can conquer the land!

Explore every mysterious area of the primitive continent!

Follow millions of players to lead your tribal heroes and embark on the adventure!

Game Features:

- Off-Line On-Hook Idle Mobile Game

Dispatch your tribes, and your heroes will automatically fight for you!

Leisure waits can win you epic equipment and legendary heroes!

Offline state can also bring you rich rewards!

- Various Strategic Match among Heroes

More than 200 heroes in different camps, and hundreds of personal skills!

Forge & collect rare weapons and equipment can greatly enhance your combat effectiveness! You need perfect equipment collocation strategy

Leisurely enjoy the game with simple operation skills!

- Rich Contents

Idle, combat, mission from chiefs, collect, develop!

Trial secret, arena, leagues!

Endless exciting contents waiting for you to experience!

- Multiple Alliance Games

Challenge the powerful alliance boss!

Compete with other guilds for the No.1 League glory!

Build up a strong alliance with other players to create a legendary alliance!

- Peak Competition among Global Players

Join in the arena and compete with players from all over the world!

Launch attacks on the leaderboard and the highest glory to win powerful loots!

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