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VERSUS Epic Battle
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VERSUS Epic Battle is a Free Android , Real Time Strategy , Mobile Multiplayer Game .

VERSUS Epic Battle is a Real-Time Strategy game . You must use your own strategy to win in the ever-changing battlefield. Build your army of 4 tribal heroes with strong personalities and units who follow heroes. Become a commander in the battlefield, protect your tower and attack your opponent’s tower.

Game Features :

- Experience a tense one-on-one battle against global players .

- Recruit and grow dozens of heroes of different personalities .

- Recruit units that follow the hero, and form unit troops .

- Play tactics with strategically placed units and hero-control based on your opponent's combination .

- Win on the battlefield to earn honor and earn a variety of equipment with honor rewards .

- Tactics using a tower can sometimes reverse win or lose .

- You can grow your troops even further with daily free-earned gold .

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