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Aegis Magic Defender

Aegis Magic Defender

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 14:46 mmoraw
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Aegis Magic Defender is a Free Android , Strategy RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring an endless War .

A mysterious continent shattered by Magic. 4 RACES, 150+ Mythological heroes are fighting over 2 MILLION grids land, Your goal is to Build, Raid and Assemble unstoppable forces to conquer this world. Occupy or being occupied ? Your choice ! This is an endless war ! Capture more resource lands to grab more resources and more Forces. Rule as the emperor and make orders. Be aware! This is a game which challenges your mind, every decision requires your deliberation. Happenstances happening everywhere on this magical land. Find mystery boxes in your territory. When important events are happening around the world, it will also have effects on the yield of your resources

Game Key Features :

- SUMMON more than 150 MYTHOLOGY heroes.

- ARRANGE your army. 150+ heroes, 200+ skills, soldiers from 4 races. Different combine leads to different result, try your best to get extra bonus.

- EXPAND your borders and develop your lands for wealth and prosperity by building cities or swell your army by constructing vast castles to protect your land and keep your rivals quaking with fear.

- JOIN an Alliance. Don’t fight alone, there are many brave warriors beside you.

- Use your diplomatic wisdom

- Build a strong Alliance with players form different country

- Gather politic power over different realms

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 15:24

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