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Stellar Age MMO Strategy is a Free Android , Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a real corporation warfare .

Stellar Age an extremely social unique mmo space game. Join the galaxy invasion, shore up your defenses, spy on space pirates, initiate fleet battles, and dominate the rich galactic empire ! Real corporation warfare is on ! Show your strategic and tactical thinking in the incredible REAL TIME MMO STRATEGY! Try a superb zoom range as you roam the endless galaxy map.


- Produce different kinds of resources to progress as fast as possible

- Level up your buildings and technologies to increase your power

- Improve your defenses, and don’t let your enemies succeed in plundering

- Participate in various daily competitions: quests for leadership, ranking leagues, etc.


- Build a powerful spaceship army

- Work out the strategy: mix and match military and merchant battleships for better success

- Spy on and attack your enemies and set their planets on fire

- Blast space pirates on the galaxy map

- Dismantle destroyed enemy fleets: process ship debris into valuable resources to increase your wealth.


- Chat with players worldwide: a real time galaxy map comprises thousands of solar systems with other players’ planets

- Create corporations to conquer planets you could never hold alone

- Stick together with your space team: join forces, share responsibilities, earn in-game resources and get achievements and special bonuses

main Game Features :

- 1 live server for all players

- More than 20,000 solar systems

- Over 300,000 planets

- Dismantling destroyed enemy spaceships for resources

- Unlimited fleet size

- 10 types of spaceships

- 11 buildings with unique features

- 3 space pirate factions

- Online PvP and PvE modes

- Top-notch 3D graphics

- Superb zoom range

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