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Sky Kingdoms Castle Siege
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Sky Kingdoms Castle Siege is a Free Android , Strategy RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a unique floating castle.

Seize your kingdom in the sky. The new fantasy strategy game Sky Kingdoms is now available ! A new fantasy world filled with dragons, knights and floating castles are waiting for you to conquer ! Construct your unstoppable mobile castle that will project your dominance from the sky !

The Ode continent is in peril, fragmented, with the many lords fighting amongst themselves. As a lord of a floating kingdom in the maelstrom, it is up to you to reunite the continent and claim your heavenly throne!

Build a floating castle

- Construct your unique floating castle all your own.

- Command it to & conquer the whole entire continent.

- Control your clan and chase to force your enemies to flee until they are crushed

Train elite troops

- Play the game and liveLive your dream of having owning a pet dragon!

- Collect, train, arm, evolve brave Heroes from all over the fantastical world.

- All knights, mages, and machines are at your beck and call.

Real-time Global Battling

- Compete with players from all over the world to become the Imperator

- The Trading System allows you and other players to trade in the game.

- An accurate simultaneously translated chat allows you to communicate with players from all over the world.

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