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Mega Shooter Shoot Em Up
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Mega Shooter Shoot Em Up is a Free Android , Arcade Space Shooting , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring simple control , cool sci-fi 2D space shooter game style art and animation .

Mega Shooter Shoot Em Up (Space Galaxy Shooting) is a 2D free space shooting game style shoot em up with its very unique game play. A fast paced action shooter game ! Use a wide selection of projectile weapons and power-ups to help robot heroes pass through increasingly challenging levels, fighting as space shooter with epic battle strategy well. If you are a fan of space shooting games, Mega Shooter Shoot Em Up (Space Galaxy Shooting) is the best choose to experience the shooter games.

30xx, when Earth is about to be perished by pollution, diseases and monsters. A ship carrying the most advanced and strongest robots heroes is sent into space galaxy, hoping to find a new planet that humans can live on. Throughout the journey, hero robots must fight off large and dangerous alien monsters on the planet they land on and protect the galaxy space from alien swarms, It is the infinity war of human.

Mega Shooter Shoot Em Up (Space Galaxy Shooting) will put you in the infinity battle in the space galaxy. In here, you have to battle through endless waves of monster shooter to keep you alive and gain victory. On your journey in the space galaxy, your comrades are the battle hero robot. They will follow your command to gun down monsters. To kill all of those monsters, you will need to shoot weapons, guns and in this game, there are great varieties of choice. You can choose the one you like best from blizzard gun to fusion cannon, bazooka, metal shooter gun, laser beam to many more. Completing mission with three star and you will get more coin to upgrade your shooting weapons stronger, shooting range larger. That means your gun will be shooting targets easier. Let’s explore them by yourself.

Game Features :

- Space shooters game simple control

- Cool sci-fi 2D space shooter game style art and animation (Galaxy style)

- Unique gameplay with shoot em up style.

- Fun, challenge and entertain gameplay

- Epic battle, many interesting levels

- Metal shooter heroes on your side to fight and gun shooting along

- Tons of guns to choose. . From gun to cannon to bazooka to gun shoot those monsters

- Monster are ready to give you death.

- Defense and survive in monster shooter game style.

- Big, bad, ugly bosses are waiting. Crazy and massive epic battle

- Shooting games with free multiplayer: coming soon at new version of Mega Shooter: Shoot Em Up

- Best free metal space shooting game 2D

- Endless mode for Mega Shooter (Infinity Space Galaxy Shooting)

- Upgrade your guns shoot and robot hero..

- Different kind of shooting weapons such as rocket gun, laser beam, bazooka…

- Upgrade your gun range and robot heroes

- Monster shooting game free shooting game 2D

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