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Jagged Alliance Online
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Jagged Alliance Online is a Browser Based, Turn Based Strategy (TBS) MMO Game offering the best and most fluent gameplay from games industry today.

Jagged Alliance Online is sure to make a strategy fans heart miss a few beats - each round! The classic Turn Based Strategy experience of the Jagged Alliance series have been tailored for browsers with cutting-edge graphics. For the first time ever, you and your team of mercenaries can go head to head not only against the games AI (artificial Intelligence) but against other players as well.

At first, the players get to make selections of the name of your mercenary company, and who your starting merc will be. There is five basic archetypes, each of which starts with a focus in 2 (from a total of 7) weapon skills (Handguns, SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles, Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, and Heavy weapons). This ends up meaning that several of the archetypes do not start with any notable skill in handguns, which feels kinda odd, this issue it resolves itself when the level of mercenaries grow. There is a tutorial but anyway nobody needs it especially as the game controls are intuitive and easy to learn, yet it is good that it exists.

The base of operations aka, your camp or if you want to call it, the nest. The nest (camp) is the place you can recruit more mercenaries, patch up the wounded ones, buy new equipment, store what you have found on your operations, fix what you broke while out on the job and even to produce other new weapons and new equipment (a kind of crafting system). Each of the stations can actually be upgraded after meeting certain criteria and can unlock certain perks like increasing the success rate of actions such as healing or repairing.

The gameplay of Jagged Alliance Online is a mix of Turn Based and Real time combat strategy, every mercenaries use action points for every action from walking to shooting, hiding, taking cover etc. mercenaries collect experience and can be trained in various skills and abilities, each of them has an individual character and abilities making them unique. Also the game makes liberal use of "shoot the stationary explosive gas can, barrel or any object with explosive potential" to make things go boom in a spectacular manner. Taking out groups of enemies, or blowing holes in walls, or simply for the funn of destroying things, its decently implemented and a real delight for the most destructive of us.

All in all Jagged Alliance Online it is a fun game and I would recommend playing it to, you will not regret that you played the best turn-based strategy game.





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