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The Island Survival Challenge
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The Island Survival Challenge is a Free Android , Simulation Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring hints, tips and inspiration from world renowned survival expert Bear Grylls .

You are about to embark on the mission of a lifetime. 20 unskilled people have been cast away on a remote tropical island, and need YOU to lead them through the toughest survival challenge of their lives.

The Island is a refreshing change from typical world-builder games in this genre. Test your skills at resource management with limited energy and time to complete the Daily Challenges and Tasks to keep your islanders happy , and alive .


- BUILDING - Drag buildable items such as the Clothes Tree from the BUILD menu and place in the world. You’ll need to CRAFT certain items in the shelter before you can build

- DAY TIMER - You have a FINITE amount of time each day to complete the THREE DAILY CHALLENGES. Manage your camp’s resources and energy carefully and remember to complete CAMPFIRE TASKS to replenish your camp’s energy levels

With just basic tools and The Island’s natural resources at your disposal, your survivors will need to draw on both their mental and physical strength if you want them to succeed.

They’ll need to battle hunger, fatigue and the elements to successfully forage for sources of sustenance; fashion the crucial tools and objects essential for survival; and build and maintain vital shelter.

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