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Questland Turn Based RPG
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Questland is a Free Android , Turn Based RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game where you feel the thrill of combat thanks to the first person perspective during battles .

Questland is a first person perspective online role-playing game in the tradition of dungeon crawler cRPGs ! Fight epic monsters (PvE) and duel other players online (PvP) in this incredibly dynamic turn-based action game with CCG elements !

Game Features :

- CUSTOMIZE your hero whenever you want to , hundreds of looks to choose from!

- COLLECT exquisite gear , common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary

- UPGRADE your armor with powerful Orbs and enhancements

- FIGHT and lose yourself in great battle experience - fast-paced action

- FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE - feel the thrill of combat thanks first person perspective during battles !

- ENJOY stunning, modern visual effects and beautifully detailed locations

- ASSEMBLE the collection of the most powerful Orbs and use their power to your advantage

- EXPLORE the vast world of Valia: inspect the battle tower, visit shops, embark on voyages, meet colorful individuals and merciless monsters

- QUESTS will keep you entertained and busy. Enjoy hundreds of assignments and funny narrative from fellow characters!

The story… Once peaceful and beautiful land of Valia is now covered in darkness of an unknown origin. Swarms of ghouls, blood-lusting spiders, skeletons and other monstrosities have invaded the land. Who controls them and how can he be stopped ? The answers are within your reach, and with each swing of your sword they are getting closer .

Your task? As dangerous as it is obvious - use the power of Orbs, defeat the evil and bathe in glory and fame !

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