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Undead Factory Zombie Pandemic is a Free 2 play , Strategy Survival , Multiplayer Game where is only one rule , plunder or be plundered .

Zombies roam the earth after the apocalypse. Build a colony to defend yourself from zombie invasion, while developing your own twisted Undead to assault your enemies !

- Use zombies as ferocious weapons - In this apocalyptic world, turn the Undead on your enemies in the fight for survival .

- Recruit survivors - Building your Colony's population is the only way to survive the wasteland .

- Defend your Colony from vicious zombie attacks - Construct crude defenses. Bolster your walls. Massacre enemy Undead .

- Join powerful Guilds - Surviving the world alone will be near impossible. Allies will increase your chances to fight on .

- A zombie strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic setting

- A completely free-to-play online RTS

- Use zombie hordes strategically to loot enemy players

- Features an Infection system designed to spread the Undead to your enemies

- Develop and control 14 unique types of Undead

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