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SocioTown Online
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SocioTown Online is a 3D Browser Based MMO Virtual Game World with emphasis on socialization.

In the game "SocioTown Online" if you do not have a very huge and enormous socialization needs, this game not gonna attract you, even provoke repulsion but if you love to excessively socialize, SocioTown Online definitely has a lot to offer. I wanted to clarify from the beginning this matter in order to be no confusion, especially as some players hate this type of games.

So, as I said, if you get over the hatred part towards the social games you will find that the game has decent graphics, in some places even inspired, taking into consideration that game is running and played in a ordinary browser. With the audio part the game sits the worst, meaning that does not have any realistic sound effects or a decent background soundtrack.

The strong part of the game is an social system designed to be intuitive and provide a way to naturally distinguish between good friends and random acquaintances, the more time is spend with someone and the longer you chat with them your friendship link will become stronger. At some point they may even become a part of your "Inner Circle". In SocioTown Online, the NPCs (non-playable characters) have some sort of small artificial intelligence (AI) that allow them to remember the players name and how they interacted with them in positively or negatively maner. NPCs, even presents a personality simulation, some are very friendly while others may have a short temper, so its beneficial and very good idea to be able to quickly recognize their different personality types.

Would have much to say about this game but I do not want to spoil the pleasure of discovering the plesant surprises by yourselve. Overall SocioTown Online manages to innovate the games genre with social theme and certainly is highly recommended for the most gregarious among us.


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