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Ouroboros Project
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Ouroboros Project is a Free Android Role-Playing TBS , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring anime style characters with historical backgrounds and unique personalities .

Game STORY : In the world threatened by zombies, humans created a large number of duplicates of ancient heroes using cutting edge technology. These half-human half-machine creatures are called the Harbingers. The humans who have the ability to guide Harbingers on their quest to relieve the zombie crisis are called the Connectors. In this game, you will play as a talented Connector, a member of an anti-zombie organization who declared to "secure people and resurge knowledge", known as "SPARK". You lost your memories after being struck in a battle. Hence, you have to relearn how to lead your Harbingers, retrieve memories and go on your adventure. During the journey, some dark secret and conspiracy are waiting to be exposed!

Game Features :

- Challenging PvE battles and innovative "Exploration" gameplay with interesting plots and dialogues.

- Anime-style characters with historical backgrounds and unique personalities.

- Game images in special designed style.

- Create Harbingers, interact and bind with them, fight with your well-chosen battle teams.

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