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Pwnd is a Free Android , Action , Arena Combat , Mobile Multiplayer Game .

In PWND, the kill is just the beginning. In order to score, you must pwn by performing a close range victory dance on your downed opponents. But be careful! You’re completely vulnerable during your victory dance, so make sure your team’s got your back or you'll find yourself on the wrong end of a pwn stack.

Situational awareness and team communication are critical for pulling major PWNage. Teamwork becomes ever more important as the stakes get higher and higher over the course of a match. Experiment with different combinations of characters to find the perfect combination of skills and abilities for your crew.

Included in PWND play :

- 3 multiplayer maps designed for death-defying vertical combat .

- 5 characters with unique play styles and diverse strengths and weaknesses

- New character and map coming in September

- 20 Single Player Challenge Mode Levels to hone and tone your PWN skillz .

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