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King Boom Pirate Island Adventure
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King Boom Pirate Island Adventure is a Free Android , Casual Mobile Multiplayer Game where you can become the richest pirate of all .

King Boom is a beautifully animated and addictive multiplayer game! Jump aboard and sail through the skies in this free casual game of Luck and Strategy!

- SPIN YOUR FORTUNE - Spin your ship’s Wheel of Fortune to earn tons of gold and gain shields to defend your island from enemy attacks. Land on special actions to hit it big and win the jackpot !

- ATTACK, DEFEND AND STEAL - Surprise other players (and even your friends!) by attacking their bases or raiding their islands to win even more gold! Gain an edge on your rivals by taking revenge and keeping your island well defended

- BUILD TO ADVANCE - Discover unique islands and build them up to expand your empire over the skies. From the shipwrecked Skull Island to the ice-cream mountains of Sugar Hills, conquer one incredible Island after another to earn fame and fortune !

- EVOLVE YOUR CREW - Unlock a colorful cast of Pets, and pick one of them to take with you onboard as captain! Complete Pet missions to get even more rewards and level them up !

- STRATEGY KEEPS THE COINS FLOWING - Open Treasure Chests to gain exciting rewards! Find Powerups that will permanently upgrade your wheel or give your attacks double damage, extra spins, and more! You can even enlist the help of industrious beavers to mine extra coins for you when you are away from the game! A smart pirate is a rich pirate !

- X MARKS THE SPOT - The sevens skies are calling to you, mate. Don’t let those pesky wannabe captains steal what is rightfully yours! Get your piggy captain dancing, and lets fly out towards adventure !

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