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Trickster Online
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Trickster Online is a 2D Role Playing MMO Game, taking place on the Caballa island, a mysterious island in the middle of the Ocean.

On this mysterious island the actual action of the Trickster Online takes place, is basically not different from other Role Playing Games in their category and do not invent new standards in 2D Gaming industry.

The gamers explore Caballa island and choose one of four classes for their character. Each class provides, some unique abilities and skills for the player to use and is characterized by an animal.

It has a acceptable graphics for a 2D (two dimensions) game with nice sound effects to complete the friendly atmosphere of the game. I want to noticed, as a negative element, that the screen resolution options are limited to only two choices, as a new game and contemporary that what want to be, this is not acceptable and is even revolting. How could, these days, a gamer to be satisfied with such a shortage of options especially when almost all players have large monitors. But let's go over and talk about gameplay.

The gameplay is the typical point and click system, you left click to go to different location and you left click to attack monster, a simple and straightforward system. To make things "exciting", skills are registered on five different quickslots (F1 to F8 on keyboard) and I can say they are not easy to use especially you will not know if the respective spell is activated or not.

Trickster Online, overall, has quite significant gaps and is not a good option as the first game to play but as a backup game can succeed.

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