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Sky Clash Lords of Clans 3D
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Sky Clash Lords of Clans 3D is a Free Android , Role Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring empires on floating island .

Sky Clash is an epic MMO RTS with stunning 3D visuals . Build up your empire on floating island and defend sky towers in an online PvP strategy game .

Game features:

- Take a journey into a unique steampunk world

- Discover an incredible world of an epic combat

- Develop your little base into an unbeatable fort

- Create your clan and lead it to global glory

- Take part in PvP battles and epic 4x4 clan wars

- Withstand the robot invasion

- Upgrade your defense, weapons and airship to win air battles

- Train troops and send your heroes to war

- Struggle other players worldwide and grab their gold and steam

- Enjoy fantastic HD graphics, exceptional for mobile devices

- Explore a vast PvE map, mining resources and completing quest missions

- Fight monsters, hunt pirates and rush for gold in the Journey mode

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