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Tales of Dragoon
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Tales of Dragoon is a Free Android , Role Playing RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring deadly combos attacks .

The Elf world is in disaster, dark army forces have successfully destroyed the defense seal to release Abyss Drake who ready to wipe out the Elf World.

Several elected Elves are assigned to search for 5 Life of fragments to awaken the Holy Dragon that can Prevent Abyss Drake. Let's help them to find 5 Fragments of life and save the Elf world !

Game Features :

- The most different 3D Fantasy RPG Game.

- Deadly combos attack features

- 3 playable arenas with Hall of Fame

- Raid boss and fight with friends

- Adveture together with friends into The Dark Dungeon

- Dynamic, beautiful, and colorfull world with the latest 3D engine

- Fantasy story with full of challenges

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