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Orbital 1
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Orbital 1 is a Free Android , Real-Time Strategy , Mobile Multiplayer Game set in interplanetary scenarios and designed entirely in 3D to give you the best game experience .

Let the action begin ! Orbital 1 is a real-time strategy game set in interplanetary scenarios .

TAKE YOUR UNITS TO THE STADIUM and destroy your opponent’s fleet. Conquer this action and strategy competition designed entirely in 3D to give you the best game experience.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CAPTAIN with awesome skins and head to the stadium to show the world what you are made of !

COLLECT DIFFERENT UNIT CARDS : Smash troops down with the adorable Mastodon, tear your adversaries apart with the fearsome Hell Bite or plan your air attack with our cute Buzzer. One way or another, you won’t be able to stop moving !

DESIGN YOUR DECK from endless combinations . Pick the best troops, choose your favorite gadgets and use strong defense and continuous damage structures. Plan your strategy and defeat players from all over the world !

WIN REWARD COURIERS full of Coins, Gems and new cards. Upgrade your units, master your deck and unlock new interplanetary stadiums throughout the galaxy .


- Challenge and compete against players from all over the world, entirely in 3D

- Deploy your strategy in player versus player (PvP) real-time games

- Win trophies to unlock new interplanetary stadiums

- Receive Couriers full of rewards

- Collect Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards

- Improve your collection, upgrade your units and fight for victory

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