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Fantasy Legend War of Contract
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Fantasy Legend War of Contract is a Free Android , Role-Playing RPG, Mobile Multiplayer Game with original fantasy story .

A brand new mobile Strategy 3D RPG with orginal fantasy story.

Huge numbers of elaborately designed skills base on plentiful spiritas.

Various gear sets and unlimited spiritas combinations. Playing with strategy !

With many Adventures, Raids and Boss to defeat, full of challenges!

Real-time global and all server PVP!

Game Features :

- Collection & Cultivation -

- Hundreds of Spiritas with 4 elementals ( Fire, Water, Wind and Earth ) that restricts each others.

- Each spirita has its special skills and strategy to use. Owesome lethal skill chasing.

- Level up and phase up spiritas to make your team stronger. Enjoy the process.

- All kinds of wings and fashion costumes.

- Strategy and Combinations -

- Spiritas with different gear sets will create different and amazing effect.

-Unlimited line-up possibility to pass raid or win other players with your mind.

-Defeat Game boss and pass raid with nothing but strategy.

- Comprehensive PVE&PVP System -

- Real time global all server war to fight for No.1 and great rewards.

- Line up setting defense and attack for honor Ranking in Contract War & Arena.

- Cross-server Guild battle system to unify your guild and fight to be top guild.

- Enjoyable Graphic and Sounds -

- 3D graphic with open main city and nice scenery. Move free in the game!

- Pure native English speakers whom dubbed for famous game before.

- Delicated & Magnificent skill effect made by professional team with high cost.

- Special in Game Camera -

- AR camera to summon your spiritas into reality, combine reality and virtuality.

- Game camera to take nice pictures and wonderful moments in game.

The war of summoners is about to begin ! Collect monsters and battle to protect your King frontier, Royale prince and princess .

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