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Brave Legends Heroes Awaken
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Brave Legends Heroes Awaken is a Free Android , Action Role-Playing , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring hundreds of choices .

Join with friends in the real-time RPG battle arena ! Collect and train your heroes, gather your teammates and defeat your rivals in thrilling and fast-paced games. BRAVE LEGENDS is a brand NEW 3D action-packed & strategic RPG for players who want to have exciting and relaxing experience in limited time. Easy to pick up, however, it takes a true master to conquer the World !

1. Hundreds of choices

- Countless Epic Heroes of different attributes to Collectmelee physical warriors, powerful magician, high defense tanks. Collect as many as you can and assemble the greatest team!

- Hundreds of stunning skills for you to explore. One-touch releases each hero’s unique special ultimate skills in real-time battle.

- Multiple ways to improve your heroes. Find the best way and become the strongest!

2. Strategic & Customized

- Collect different heroes of different attributes. Unique combinations of heroes will activate unique team skills. Build your dream team to activate powerful team skills.

- Train, upgrade, and customize your favorite Heroes of different attributes. Heroes skills and talents are all combined by yourself.

- Your skill, strategy, and lightning fast reactions will command your heroes in each battle to lead you to victory.

- Evolve Heroes in Your Own Way! Assemble the greatest team of heroes for strategic victories!

3. Brilliant Combat

- Control your powerful heroes with HIGH Mobility. Tap the screen and your heroes go wherever you want. Dodge or Interrupt skills from enemies. Unleash powerful skills in all directions.

- In auto battle mode, your heroes dodge AOE from enemies automatically, increasing your chance of victory.

4. TONS of Gameplay

- Real-time Colosseum: Battle players around the world, using strategy and technique to defeat your rivals!

- Guilds & Wars: Create or join Guilds with hundreds of players, strive towards common goals!

- Ancient Relics: Dungeon-crawling game mode based on the Roguelike genre. Will you tough it out, or die in the first stage? Remember: there’s no going back.

- World BOSS: Fight the powerful BOSS together for victory and rich rewards!

- Mercenary camp & Mine War: Get stronger even if you are offline!

5. Exciting PVP

- Real-time matching and fighting. Cooperate with your teammate and fight against your rivals! Slug it out in 3 Minutes!

- Compete with the guilds from other servers in cross-server battle! Want to be the champion? First, unite your guild!

6. Abundant Rewards

- Keep login to get rich rewards. FREE HEROES and Diamonds included!

- Rich offline Rewards! Get stronger even if you are offline! Dispatch mercenary and occupy mines to collect fruitful rewards!

- Earn abundant bonus form tons of gameplay and enjoy!

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