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Star Trek Online
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Star Trek Online is an Role Playing MMO Game, a homage to one of Sci-fi's great franchises.

Star Trek Online has not been released, at first, in free to play model and of course we all know that this is a great handicap for a game in our days when the tendency is clearly in favor of  freedom for the player to pay for a product only after he previously tried or like it. Is clear to everyone that the game producer or publiser realized this too late but you know how it is say better later than never.

There are a myriad of races to choose from, and a full range of uniforms and paraphernalia available for the players avatar and their bridge officers. You can play as a Betazoid, Vulcan, Bolian, Ferengi, Andorian and most any other race in the original TV show.

Most of the time in Star Trek Online will be spent in space on your ship, which is most fun feature. As in any mmorpg you have roles, escorts (damage dealer), cruisers (tanks/dps) and science ships (support). Each ship can be customized visually and can be equipped with a large variety of weapons and modules, and on top of that with your custom officers, each with their unique skills and traits. The ships all have four shield facings which can be brought down by weapons fire individually and recharged through their own regeneration and special abilities from your engineering officers.
Ground fighting is based on the good old "dice roll" style of dealing damage. Mostly aiming is automatic, and your use of your skills Matters More Than Accuracy in the actual firefight. This split, the action is hectic and tense Nearly always, the odd aside exploration mission. Some with procedurally generated planets Being (Mostly found During exploration quests), you have guaranteed to never get bored with your Supplied backgrounds, and There Is Some beautiful and ornate design level included in the Star Trek Online.
The combat, in space or on ground, is fun and rewarding, you can just get a mission right away and go wreak some evil alien skulls (or space ships), alone or together with other players What more you will want from a Free MMO Game, for me personally it is a fun game, easy to learn and have all my appreciation for attention to detail, especially the graphic detail one.




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