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Murnatan is a Free 2 play Action FPS Multiplayer Shooter Game where two opposing teams , humans and aliens , tries to destroy the other's base .

Join Humans or Aliens in the fight for survival , build your own, masterfully thought-out base, destroy the enemy spawns or base in organized attacks, hunt down your enemies and emerge victorious ! The main feature that differentiates Murnatan from common FPS is combination of first-person shooter and real-time strategy rules as building a base is very important element of the game.

Game mechanics - This game contains numerous in-game mechanics, and therefore, for the sake of keeping it short but informational, not everything is going to be described. Both teams are COMPLETELY different from each other and thus require to field different tactics in order to defeat their enemies.

Humans - Humans have a stamina system. Stamina is depleted by sprinting or jumping. Every human has one medikit (bind key: F) and a new one is added to your inventory once fully healed by a Medi.Damage system: human body is divided into three parts: head/body/legs, with each part sustaining different damage values.

Aliens - Aliens mostly use melee or special attacks and have various perks .

Murnatan also contains ingame currency system. You can't just find better guns on the ground, you have to earn enough credits by killing enemies and/or building a base. The same rule applies to accessing bigger or more powerful aliens. Therefore it's equally important not just learn how to fight, but also how to strategize and to play as a team .

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