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Divine Raid
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Divine Raid is a Free Android , Action Role-Playing RPG, Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring an real-time battle environment .

The biggest battle in mobile game history, Divine Reid ! PC grade MORPG ! Meet the 20-player raid in real time on mobile !

- Raid - Core of Divine Reid -

The bosses of the Divine ReaD can not attack, bury, or attack with automatic battles. If you want to enjoy the exhilarating rewards and the pleasure of knocking down a huge boss monster, Each team member must fulfill a role that is consistent with his mercenary orientation

▶ 4 kinds of daily raid

▶ 6 kinds of multi-raid

▶ World Boss Reade 4

▶ 4 raid raids

- Hero - fun in various classes -

Hero are divided into tankers, dealers, and healers.

Depending on your class, your role in the raid is different,

Depending on the class combination, you can choose from a variety of strategies in PVP.

- Boss Monster - Fun to Find Attack -

Unlike traditional mobile game bosses with simple attack patterns,

Divine Reid boss monsters boast various attributes and attack patterns.

Therefore, you need to analyze the attributes and patterns of the boss monsters and find out the strategy.

If you want to enjoy exhilarating rewards and the pleasure of knocking down a giant boss monster, study it.

- PVP - fun to make your hand survive -

All battles have no delay in server-based attacks and moves.

Because it is a real-time battle environment, the pleasure of control becomes more alive.

▶ Arena

▶ Competition Before

- Combo skill - fun to make your own dill cycle -

Each Hero can combine various unique skills to create a number of combos skills, This combo skill can be your own tang / dy cycle. It's fun to create the perfect cycle, it also exists in mobile.

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