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Counter Storm Endless Combat
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Counter Storm Endless Combat is a Free Android Action , Mobile Multiplayer Game where you survive life-or-death situations .

Welcome to the wasteland, a dog-eat-dog world where gunfire , violence , and fear reign supreme. The old order is long gone, and people now have to fight to survive. Recruit battle-hardened mercenaries to fight against opponents and take back what once belonged to you. Show no mercy to enemies, survive life-or-death situations, and dominate the battlefield in this ruthless post-apocalyptic era !

Game Features :

- Recruit mighty mercenaries with unique talents to fight for you.

- Experience different firearm abilities and become a gunnery master.

- Use rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle, or shotgun for different combat situations

- Cover teammates and plant bombs to end the battle.

- Engage in Real-time combat with players around the world.

- Enjoy stunning 3D graphic impacts and incredible battle effects.

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