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League of Pirates
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League of Pirates is a Free-to-play , Action Shooter, Multiplayer Game where you can become Captain of a Pirate Ship .

League of Pirates - Conquer the Caribbean ! Welcome on board, freebooter! Hoist the sails and set course for adventure! Slip into the role of a daring pirate captain in League of Pirates and explore the Caribbean in your very own pirate ship. Sail past palm-covered beaches, cruise through idyllic bays, and discover lost cultures as you hunt for treasure. Be beware ! Other pirates will cross paths with you. Put your skills as a freebooter captain to the test in this thrilling PvP pirate game. Sail into battle with guns blazing and give your competitors your full broadside. Come out victorious and loot fantastic treasures !

Game key Features :

- Breathtaking PvP battles, in which your pirate ship faces off against several foes

- Various ship types with special attributes that you can use for your missions

- Extraordinary skills and attributes that you can improve over the course of the pirate game, including speed, damage, healing powers, camouflage and mine usage

- Lovingly detailed 3D graphics with tropical Caribbean islands, azure waters and wild PvP freebooter brawls

- Intuitive gameplay

- Action-packed fun on the go

- An immersive pirate game experience that whisks you away to the fascinating world of freebooters

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