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Dimension Summoner Hero Arena 3D Fantasy RPG
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Dimension Summoner is a Free Android , Role-Playing RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a unique battle system and mysterious adventures .

Become a Dimension Summoner and rewrite history ! The lands are shivering from the grasps of evil and a great danger hides deep from within. You are the last true warrior who can unveil the truth and summon heroes across the dimensions. Be the beacon of light and bring hope back to the lands. You are the only hope. As the Dimension Summoner, you serve the king and will bring honor to the people. You will see through the chaos and summon the incarnations of heroes from different dimensions to fight by your side.

AR SUMMONING WITH LBS - The forces of evil are so powerful that only the spirits of noble heroes from other dimensions can defeat them. You will train yourself to find the spirits of these heroes and summon them from your surroundings. Using your location, you will find the best places to attract heroes’ souls. Through the eye of the dimensions, you can draw the symbol ‘S’ or scan surrounding areas to appeal the spirits and then summon heroes of different tiers .

ADJUST FORMATIONS - Heroes will join you, equipped with legendary skills they once possessed in their own dimensions. In addition to these skills, you will also have the ability to adjust various battle formations by switching their position. In doing so, you will be able to eye the enemy and strategize accordingly .

FAMILY OF HEROES - The heroes from the various dimensions have answered your call and have teamed up to fight together. They will morph into a new family of heroes with a united bond. Summon these bonded heroes to activate special bonds and even provide bonuses when off the battlefield. Start summoning now and save the land together !

REFRESHING SCENERY - It is always important to take a break between fights. Relieve your heroes from fatigue and show them your captivating land. The picturesque landscapes and vivid creatures will be the optimal cure for your battle wounds. Never will you let the refreshing scenery here be ruined by the forces of evil !

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