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Bombix is a Free 2 play Turn-Based , Tactical Shooting Multiplayer Game featuring a small but VERY dangerous fighters .

Do you like shooting ? Then arm yourself - the world of Bombix awaits you ! You will find yourself in the shoes of a small but VERY dangerous fighter, gather together a team of thugs and show 'em all how to fight! Bombix is a turn-based tactical game where you can play against your friends or AI, using dozens of weapons and numerous strategies.

Game key Features :

- The dynamic turn-based fights: look at the battlefield, think-through the strategy a little bit and then show your skill in jumping and shooting !

- Character and team customization: many options to setup your fighters.

- Huge weapon arsenal: from the UFO and mini-spiders to the jetpack and the watermelon bombs

- Dozens of the fighting arenas: all with their own unique tactics and tricks .

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