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Pocket Knights 2
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Pocket Knights 2 is a Free 2 play Android , Action RPG Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring over 100 Heroes from different positions .

As an ARPG card game, the storyline of Pocket Knights 2 is based on the background of three realms: Human, Divine and Demon. In this world, players can summon and control powerful heroes of these three realms, lead them to fight against the terrifying dark force and bring the peace back. These unique heroes are designed from Western legend and ancient oriental story. They have beautiful illustrations, and are endowed with different personalities and skills that benefit their type. Meanwhile, players can evolve their heroes and gears to assemble the best possible party for each battle. Also, players can invite and join friends' group for extra help when trapped in hard battles.


- BUILD YOUR STRONGEST TEAM - Choose from over 100 Heroes from different positions, Match unique Heroes to unleash fantastic combo-skills

- REINFORCEMENT, PERFECT YOUR STRATEGY - Master abilities to overcome the most powerful enemies , Arrange your best bench strategically for a crucial assist

- COLLECT POWERFUL GEAR - Discover legendary equipment in mysterious battlefields , Upgrade gears to improve your combat and deal massive damage

- BATTLE ONLINE - Dominate the Arena, participate in Guild wars, climb your own way to the top , Collect valuable resources and start Team Instances with worldwide players

- TAKE ON QUESTS TO EARN MORE REWARDS - Enter and conquer harder battles to earn bigger treats , Find powerful loot and equipment in hidden spots .

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