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Cabals Card Blitz CCG
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Cabals Card Blitz CCG is a Free Android , Colectible Card Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a short auto battles with cards that are drawn randomly and played automatically, introducing an exciting chance factor in a skill-based genre .

In Cabals Card Blitz players build decks, battle enemies’ in short automatic battles, explore an open world map populated with enemy strongholds and craft entirely new cards. Players delve into a unique realm of occult magic and pre-World War II technology, where the difference between History and fiction is subtly blurred .

- MASTER THE ART OF CCG DECK-BUILDING - Create your own unique decks to face a variety of challenges. Mix and match your collectible cards to maximise their abilities. Devise cunning strategies and send your deck into battle, then sit back and enjoy the action!

- BEAT YOUR ENEMIES IN SHORT CARD BATTLES - Engage in auto-battles lasting less than 30 seconds. Use a stunning array of gorgeous, hand painted cards with a vast range of special abilities. Call upon the military prowess of Vril Rocketeer; wield the dark magic of Sisters of Connacht; unleash the metaphysical powers of Star Spawn; and many more.

- EVOLVE CARDS AND FUSE ENTIRELY NEW CARDS - Wield the Anvil to forge your cards into powerful new versions of themselves. Unearth the mystic secrets of card fusion: combine two different cards to create spectacular, new creatures with mind-blowing abilities.

- BEAT REAL PLAYERS IN INSTANT TCG BATTLES - No waiting, no queuing, no fuss in this trading card game. In PvP mode, you'll immediately find another deck to pit your own against. Every victory brings you Gold, XP, and helps you climb ever closer to the top of the Leaderboard. Keep track of your main enemies and of your score against them.

- EXPLORE THE SINGLE PLAYER RPG MAP - The alternate dimension of Aea is a vast realm of scorching deserts, icy plains, and lethal rainforests. Explore this strange role playing game in PvE and capture Strongholds to extend your power and reap resources. Complete side quests, unlock ancient treasures, or challenge malevolent bosses.

- CAPTURE-THE-FLAG STRONGHOLD - Players fight against each other to conquer a PvP Stronghold and to hold on to it. The winners reaps great rewards and massive fame in the community... until another player tears the Stronghold from his or her clutch.

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