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Dungeon Survivor II
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Dungeon Survivor II is a Free Android , Role-Playing Adventure Multiplayer Game where players fighting for their life and sanity .

Dungeon Survivor II is a homage to the classic story-driven graphical M.U.D's of old with its combination of artwork and text-based gameplay. Dive into a rich dark world filled with great perils and bountiful rewards as you take your party through the trials and tribulations of exploration, dungeoneering, and facing down what hides in the shadows.

Dark Tides forces players into difficult choices as they explore the world with a party of four adventurers. Merging turn-based combat with real-time elements, any battle is sure to bring a strain to your party. Fights can bring trouble and turmoil, but rewards can be grand for those who will dare to take risks.These rewards can than be used to rebuild the town of Sanctuary, bringing in more weapons, items, and upgrades. Whether you would prefer to fight the devious monsters of the world or try you hand in real-time PvP, there is always a time to sharpen your skills.

Story of the World

- Be the Ruler of the Sanctuary, the eschatological Manor, guide your people and warriors to fight against the fallen Country.

- Upon the journey, you’ll encounter different people.

Will you draw out the sword or reach out your hand? That is for you to decide.

- Little, helpless and pathetic humans gather together to battle against the Black Tide.

Every decision you make is of vital importance.

Class & Adventure

- 6 main Classes with more than 50 sub-classes, each with unique personality.

- Easy but flexible team formation, Mixed? All Melee? All Mages, whatever you like.

Your Imagination is the only limit.

- Diverting strategy setting, play a sure card and win the battle

- Vicious creatures, quirky traps, weird strangers-the world is always full of accidents and surprises.

- Find the powerful Monster and beat them up

Battle & Speed

- Real-time PVP with hand control. let’s duke it out in the Arena

- Heading to the leaderboard for the CROWN

- Marching on the Lost Castle and unlock the Arena

Classic placing and gain mode

- No pains but gains

Place and gain resources every time you enter the game.

- Wit and adroit like you, even with limited resources, can definitely build up a prosperous Manor .

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