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Heroic Odyssey
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Heroic Odyssey is a 2D Browser Based Role Playing MMO Game set in ancient China, in the year of 201.

Heroic Odyssey background is set in ancient China in the year of 201 when the world was engulfed in war, and after many years of fighting the world was at peace with the cooperation of Qing, Chu, and Han Kingdoms. There was a rumor that a Godly weapon will appear, and once it does it will unite the world. Soon the lords of the 3 Kingdoms will begin fighting. Yes, I know what you will say: again the three kingdoms. What can I say, it seems that the three kingdoms are in fashion and in vogue these days.

The game runs, directly in your browser and does not require any kind of download or installation on the local system. The game graphics will not going to impress you but since it is a game in two dimensions (2D) is not seen to be a problem.

The gameplay is the normal one, for a browser game, you have the opportunity to fight with different monsters to do endless quests and many other activities like that. What caught my attention, in a negative way, was the awful character animation which is jerky and horribly annoying. I can not decide if quests are interesting especially because I have not had the patience to read them and the game fails to convince you to read them, so I chose the shortest path that is jumped over. What I especially liked was the relaxing atmosphere achieved with a successful music soundtrack.
Heroic Odyssey, overall is not a bad game if it had a better quality graphics and animation would have been a very decent game in some places.



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