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Boxing Champion Real Punch Fist
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Boxing Champion Real Punch Fist is a Free Android , Arcade Sport Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring beautiful animation and decent 3D graphics .

You can train your skills to prove your strength as a true champion ! Greet your opponent with your steel fist ! Sway your sweat, with your fist to a fatal blow !

Game features :

- attack your opponent by the cool skills and fighting

- wireless combination of exquisite game scene

- real 3D action and realistic close combat

- 5 fierce professional league

- Beautiful animation and amazing 3D graphics will bring you a real boxing experience

No WiFi, no problem.

Gameplay :

- Slide the screen to the right to release the right uppercut, slide the screen to the left to release the left uppercut, and slide the screen upward to release the uppercut;

- Click the dodge button in the lower left corner to avoid;

- Click the defense button on the lower left corner of the defense;

- attack can accumulate anger, full of anger can release super kill boxing;

- was knocked down, quickly click the screen to stand;

- use the hug skills, quickly click on the screen can suppress the opponent.

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