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Gardius Empire
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Gardius Empire is a Free Android , Role-Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a broad assortment of mythological characters .

Enter the Legendary World of Gods and Heroes . Embark on an outstanding visual experience and battle-riddled adventure to re-write the fate of the Gardius Empire. Prepare for the ultimate battle for the throne.

Summon and collect powerful mythical heroes!

- Strategically create your ultimate army by choosing heroes of various attributes.

- Evolve and upgrade your heroes to increase combat power.

Immerse yourself in a larger-than-life battle!

- Battle for the throne in celestial wars. Conquer the Royal Palace, and become supreme Commander!

- Hunt monsters and mine natural resources with and against other players worldwide.

Upgrade and build your own empire!

- Collect resources and upgrade your base and army.

- Customize your base by discovering and unlocking new content.

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