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Dragons Watch RPG
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Dragons Watch RPG is a Android Free-to-play , Role-Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring addictive turn-based tactical play .

Take command of the Dragons Watch in this magical new battle RPG! Easy to understand but with deep strategy and addictive turn-based tactical play.


- Join the Dragon's Watch on their quest to save the kingdom from the forces of evil!

- Summon, fuse and evolve hundreds of brave heroes, with unique strengths, skills and special attacks!

- Craft magic potions and rescue the dragons to strike down mythical monsters and fearsome bosses!

- Challenge other players worldwide in the real-time PVP Arena!

- Play even when offline - no need to always be connected to the server*!

- Unique one-handed play system lets you play anywhere.

- Discover the game's hidden secrets, solve its puzzles and upgrade your hero's card.

- Find the legendary Golden Guardians - assemble the ultimate squad to reach the final frontier!

- Explore the fantasy realm of Kagria, rescue the dragons and win the war against evil!

- Daily quests, vortex dungeons and special events!

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