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Flight Battle New Era iO Esports Game
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Flight Battle is a Android Free-to-play, Casual Action , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a distinct style - Children’s painting .

Flight Battle is an aerial combat iO Esports game with crayon-style graffiti design. Players pilot planes to raid resources and defeat opponents to achieve victory within the confines of the maps .

Game Features :

- Distinct Style - Children’s painting ,The game uses hand-drawn crayon designs to give it a refreshing look. The items may look like they were drawn by a children, but they are definitely not safe!

- Leaderboard - Kill your way to the top, Just like MOBA, this game has a leaderboard. If you don’t have the skills, maybe you should find a team to carry you.

- Multiplayer Mode - The more the merrier, Battle against your friends! But be careful who you kill, because they may not team up with you in the long run.

- Special Mechanics - Let their knowledge lead you to victory, To become the best pilot, you need a great mechanic. Little Dragon, Minitron, Doctor, just pick your favorite, but don’t forget to pay them!

- Boss Challenges - there is strength in numbers, The darkness that envelops the universe threatens the very existence of humans, and its leader has appeared. Time to fight together and bring back the light!

- Endless Mode - limited health, unlimited enemies, Same planes, different mode, Take on as many as you want, but your health is limited!

- Annihilation Mode - Go all out, Come in if you’re looking for something crazy! In this mode, both missile and acceleration recovery rate are doubled, and you can equip an extra weapon! Shoot down everything in sight!

- A Casual Game – Play any time, anywhere, Taking a break from work? Need to kill time between classes? Play Simple Planes! Each round is only a few minutes, so you can play anywhere at any time!

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