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Super Senso
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Super Senso is a Free Android , Strategy TBS , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring real-time PvP multiplayer matches against players from around the World .

Super Senso plays out across vivid, polygonal 3D battlefields and each match starts with players controlling a SENSO , a powerful and specialized mega-hero critical to determining the outcome of the fight. Players unleash additional support troops to sway the tide of battle by building a formidable smash-army that can include armored tanks, zombies, fighter jets, dinos, and cats. All units vary in movement ability, attack strength, and defense ratings, allowing players to build the ultimate combination in the fight to destroy the enemy SENSO Gate and galactic dominance.


- Battle players from around the world in real-time PvP multiplayer matches

- Climb the global Lightning Challenge Leaderboard to win epic prizes

- Collect and level-up SENSO heroes that fit your play style! Whether it’s soaring over opponents with Chuck or dominating on defense with Guardian, the choice is yours!

- Earn chests to unlock powerful new units and upgrade existing ones

- Immerse yourself in a stunning world of AAA quality, high-fidelity 3D battle maps and HD characters

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