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Repulse Online
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Repulse Online is a sci-fi, 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) MMO Game featuring futuristic weapons.

Story of the Repulse Online is: In the year 2088, pollution brought the earth to the brink of destruction. Ferocious natural disasters chipped away at the human population and devastated civic infrastructure. As the polar icecaps melted, islands vanished underwater, then entire coastlines. All takes place after the inevitable collapse of the earth ecosystem happens. Well, the story is more complicated and contains: desperate search for habitable extraterrestrial planets, economies dipped to dire recession levels; cities struggled to function due to bans on petroleum and other fossil fuels, galactic renaissance, Magellan Armada, vicious alien species that was disinclined to let emissaries from Earth strip the land of its natural resources, Genesis Eden massacre, and the battle for control of the only resource that could save the Earth was about to begin. I will not insist on the story especially since we are dealing with a fast-paced FPS and we all know, anyway, that at this kind of game the story does not matter, what matters most is the balance between the various classes of soldiers, that the game have.

Repulse Online looks spectacular, in terms of graphics, with detailed textures and everything a modern game need to affirm themselves.
There is a great variety of multiplayer gameplay modes and have unique objectives and adjustable time limitations to keep the gameplay exciting and fresh against live human opponents in PVP or team up with them against aliens that looks more like zombies, with the ability to infect humans, than aliens. Another dimension to gameplay is the unique abilities provided by ultramodern equipment. You can heal your teammates using specialized guns, leap across large distances using booster backpacks and cloak yourself with different types of bodysuits. There is a possibility to play in the clasic manner, meaning without any kind of booster, in fact this mode is the most widespread  on the game servers.
There is a large diversity of maps available, with some specific to select game modes, but not large in size maps. I personally find small maps to be a minus for a game and yes I em aware that small maps contribute to a more rapid return after a respawn in the midlle of action. But to be realistic, there are other more subtle and more fun ways to enhance a battle. Also, you can change class during battle, switch freely between the sniper, engineer and sssault class as you wait to respawn.
What more I migt be able to add ? is a fun game that will fill you veins with pure adrenaline, enjoy it.






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