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Bloody West Infamous Legends is a Free Android , Strategy Management , Mobile Multiplayer Game where you conquer the Wild West .

You are the founder of a town in the Wild West. Become a wealthy cattle baron, drive the Wild Bunch Gang from your land and expand your own sphere of control – with a Colt in your hand. Use tactics and strategy to reach your goal and assert yourself against the other players. Bloody West Infamous legends is a strategy and management game that requires strategic thinking, tactics, and skill from the player.

Game Features :

- Be a gunslinger and establish your own gang.

- Strike against your opponents in fierce duels on dusty roads.

- Get on your horse and conquer the Wild West.

- You are the ruler of your town. Earn money with the stores and build up a trading network.

- Drive the bandits out of the area and become the largest cattle baron of the Wild West.

- Play the game by your own rules and try out different tactics to win.

The story - After the end of the civil war, I wandered aimlessly from place to place. Completely without perspective and marked by the experience of war, I hired myself out as a deputy, Cowboy, and Pinkerton agent. By chance, I came across the ruins of this abandoned one-horse town in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. My old friend John Galveston knew the place from before and helped me restore the saloon. Now I finally have a home - a place where I make the rules. This town belongs to me. I am the law and I will put everyone six feet under who threatens me and my town.

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