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Crime Revolt Online Shooter
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Crime Revolt Online Shooter is a Free Android , Action FPS , Mobile Multiplayer Game .

Crime Revolt Online Shooter was created special for people, who like shooting online in virtual reality just for free. It is a great opportunity to feel like a real soldier with guns and other arms or like a sniper, who tries to prevent a great boom of shotgun.

There is a short story - you are in pvp situation, you are making a great shot and your opponent is out of the way. Can you imagine this? You are one of the greatest heroes of Crime Revolt’s world now.

Also this shooter has one important feature - every combat, in which you are in, is from first person. What is more, you can play versus gamers worldwide in the 3D FPS gun app.

There are a lot of different modern arms, using them you can fight with bad guys in different ways. Your shot will be brilliant we are sure. Direct your fury in the right way. Equipment includes different items like hats, masks, armor and sets.


Collect coins and experience, use them to upgrade your stuff in modern way and use it in the combat to win. Deal with new challenges every day and get the rewards.


Extra opportunities: invisible people, coolest guns and specific shooting. Swat your enemies in the best battle ever and become a soldier number one.


Here you have a lot of different maps. Developers created maps of all sizes for different first person roles in the game: sniper, spy, participant of tank battle and so on.


The free online game offers a lot of different modes for gamers. There are: Team Deathmatch, Deatchmatch, Battle with Zombies, Capture the Flag, Capture the Terrorist’s Points, Sniper Arena and others.

Use different types of arms, achieve targets and your team members become great heroes. Send to glory dozens of zombies in infection mode. Just run and stop zombie crisis! But remember, every action have to agree collective action.

The main features are :

Well-timed updates

Advantageous offers

First-person action

Excellent 3d-graphic

It is available for most of mobile devices on Android

Action-packed multiplayer with a lot of special additions

Connection with like-minded people all around the world

Chance to show and upgrade the force and critical thinking

Turning into an attentive sniper or into a daring strategist

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